Yonex VCore 98 305g

Yonex VCore 98 305g

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Yonex VCore 98 305g

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The New Shape of Spin.

The highest-spin producing racquet in company history, the new VCORE embraces the latest in Yonex technology, such as a drag-reducing Aero Trench and Liner Tech, meaning the strings enter the racquet at a straighter angle, to allow for easy access to incredible spin.

Head Size: 98 sq. in.

Weight: G: 305g

Length: 27 in.

Width Range: 22.0 - 22.0 - 21.0

Balance Point: G:315mm , LG : 325mm

Material: H.M. Graphite NANOMETRIC XTNamd

Colour: Flame Red

Stringing Pattern: 16x19

Stringing Advice: 45-60 lbs