Kookaburra Nickel 5.0 Cricket Bat SH

Kookaburra Nickel 5.0 Cricket Bat SH

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Distinctive next generation graphics in combination with a traditional profile makes Nickel the ideal choice for players who wish to make a statement at the crease,

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CODE: 2A29235

The Kookaburra Nickel 5.0 Cricket Bat has been handmade using specially selected Grade 5 unbleached English willow and features a Non-oil Armourtec Face

Sizes: SH Only

Sweet SpotApprox. 215mm to 235mm from toe

Edge Profile & Thickness Round (34-38mm)

Face Profile Rounded

Spine Profile Approx. 62mm to 67mm

Scallop Slight Concave (1-2mm)

Bow Mid/Low Blade (11-12mm)

Handle Oval

Grip Octopus

Weight Range 2lbs 8oz - 2lbs 10oz