Chase FLC Cricket Bat Junior

Chase FLC Cricket Bat Junior

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Premium willow, entertain with confidence at the crease

For ultimate performance, this top of the range bat is selected from the top 4% of Chase’ English willow.
Premium willow with a massive drive zone is excellent for all round play. Its low sweet spot and big profile provides maximum momentum from pick-up to shot.

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Chase Four Leave Clover Cricket Bat - Junior

Handmade in England

Chase give all their bats four hours worth of knocking-in to loosen and soften the compressed wood fibres on the surface to form a supple finish, increasing the performance of the bats recoil reaction. Edges and corners are additionally strengthened during the manufacturing process to form a layer of protection against damage.

Pro-grip. Multi-textured, high quality latex
Prevents movement through the shot

  • Traditional semi-oval handle
    For ultimate comfort and control

  • Grip-grab applied to all bats
    Secures grip in position, no need for tape

  • Chrome printed and embossed labels

  • Massive drive zone
    Excellent for all round stroke play

  • A mid-low sweet spot
    Maximum momentum from pick-up to shot

  • An 8 inch performance zone

  • Semi-flat face profile
    To maximise edge size

  • Angled toe
    Prevents feathering caused by tapping down

  • Rubber toe guard
    Prevents water damage

Standard on all Chase bats:

All chase bats are made with a traditional oval-shaped handle for a natural and comfortable grip providing optimum control, finished with a high quality latex grip.

Applied to the toe to create a surface barrier which prevents water soaking up and into the bat.

Stops feathering when tapping down.

FLC – Ice white and chrome.

Finback adult grade options:
R11, R7, R4

R11. Grade one English willow. 
R7. Grade two English willow.
R4. Grade three English willow.


What size do I need?

Measurements are based on the height from the floor to the wrist – standing with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent with arms down by your sides.