Karakal Black Zone 30

Karakal Black Zone 30

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Karakal Black Zone 30

The Black Zone 30 is a great all round racket.

It allows you to play with a controlled swing to aid your accuracy but also allows the player to push their opponents back with the depth of shot, the frame design cuts down on air resistance allowing for higher head speed to generate more power. The 7.5mm shaft reduces the flex allowing you transfer power from your shot directly to the shuttle.

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The theory behind these frames was to provide a badminton frame to suit any need, but at prices that don’t break the bank. Each of the frames in the Black Zone range has a slightly different frame design giving them all a different feel. We kept the colours simple by using black satin finish on all the frames but adding splashes of bright colours and matching strings to give each racket an individual identity. All frames use an Isometric head shape.

  • Karakal Hot Zone 68 Strings in Yellow

  • 82gram Frame Weight

  • Graphite/Titanium Construction

  • 290mm Balance Point

  • 22/22 String Pattern

  • 7.5mm Shaft Width

  • Constant Taper Frame